Elton John, REM, Chuck D, Annie Lennox, Imogen Heap, tUnE-yArDs and Thousands of Artists and Fans Around the World Call for Action on the Fair Play Fair Pay Act
Posted on 7/20/2015

During the past week, an online “Music Community Week of Action in Support of the Fair Play Fair Pay Act” organized by musicFIRST Coalition members – along with allied groups, including the Featured Artists Coalition, Content Creators Coalition and Future of Music Coalition – brought artists and fans worldwide together to show their support for U.S. music creators.

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musicFIRST Praises NPR for Leaving the Anti-Artist MIC Coalition
Posted on 7/14/2015

Today, NPR left the anti-artist MIC Coalition. In response, musicFIRST Coalition Executive Director Ted Kalo issued the following statement...

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musicFIRST Statement on Amazon Dropping Out of MIC Coalition
Posted on 6/4/2015

We applaud Amazon for withdrawing from the anti-artist MIC Coalition.  We do not expect Amazon to be the last to question the Coalition’s true agenda. 

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SiriusXM Admits Its Business Has Changed – And So Should Its Below Market Royalties
Posted on 6/3/2015

About a month ago we wrote in Billboard about SiriusXM's strong financial position and the outrage of its special "grandfathered" below market royalty standard. SiriusXM is one of the most profitable radio companies in the world – yet it has a special Congressionally granted exemption from the fair market value royalty standards that its digital competitor must pay?

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Radio Exec Admits Big Radio Isn't Focused on Promotion
Posted on 6/1/2015

A few days ago, a country radio "expert" wandered into an ugly thicket when he stated that the surest way to boost country radio ratings is to limit the number of female artists that you play.

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